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AUTHENTICO project n. 044480 which is financed by the European Commission, DG Research, under the 6th Framework Programme, proposes a multidisciplinary research to face the problem of forgery of original works of art and fraudulent dealing of counterfeits, and provides a cost-effective science, technology and culture-based strategy for the authentication of movable cultural patrimony particularly metal artefacts (precious and non-precious).

AUTHENTICO officially started in June 2007, for a total duration of 30 months. Ten partners take part in the project, representing 8 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, Poland, Tajikistan and the United Kingdom, involving research centers, academia, museums, conservation services, superintendencies, SMEs. The project significantly contributes to building strong ties beyond Europe by spreading a European ethical approach for Cultural Heritage through the participation of third world participation.

AUTHENTICO is coordinated by EJTN GEIE, the European Jewellery Technology Network; active in research since 1998.

Direct support and interaction from Law Enforcement Agency – the Italian Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale – and from Civil Protection representatives will expand and increase the validity, applicability and usefulness of the project.

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