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   Alexandria, November 2009: AUTHENTICO Workshop  
AUTHENTICO project organized the workshop: “Authentication of Artefacts and their Protection against Forgery and Illicit Trade” in Alexandria Egypt on 4 -5 November 2009. The workshop came within the final AUTHENTICO project event. The workshop opened with words by CULTNAT director Dr. Fathi Saleh; head of DG Research- European Commission, Dr. Andrea Tilche (Via Video Conference); president of EJTN-GEIE and Authentico project coordinator Dr. Maria Luisa Vitobello, and Head of International Relations at Bibliotheca Alexandrina where the workshop was held Ms Hala Abdel Wahab. Four sessions were held within the workshop. The sessions tackled issues like “Protection of Cultural Heritage (Trafficking / Control of Illicit trade)”, and “Constructive vs. Destructive Analysis”. The third session was dedicated to the results of project AUTHENTICO while the fourth and final session was a round-table discussion on the Creation of Inter-regional Cultural Heritage Networks: Dissemination, Information and Training moderated by Dr. Maria Luisa Vitobello, EJTN-GEIE, AUTHENTICO Project Coordinator. Closing remarks were given by Dr. Kyriaki Papageorgiou, EU delegation in Egypt and Dr. Hala Barakat, CULTNAT deputy director and AUTHENTICO partner. The event was attended by around 50 representatives of the EU delegation in Egypt, Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egyptian universities, museums (Greco-Roman, Coptic and the Egyptian Museums), Monastery of St. Anthony in Egypt, Ormylia Art Diagnosis Centre in Greece as well as from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
   Alexandria, November 2009: Book Donation to the BA  
During the workshop “Authentication of Artefacts and their Protection against Forgery and Illicit Trade” that was held in Alexandria Egypt on 4 -5 November 2009, AUTHENTICO Project coordinator Dr. Maria Luisa Vitobello presented the project’s publication “A Quest for Authenticity” to Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The book was presented to head of Library Services at Bibliotheca Alexandrina Dr. Sohair Wastawy.
   Alexandria, November2009 AUTHENTICO Month-30 Meeting  
AUTHENTICO project held its final meeting at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt on November 7 -8, 2009. Partners and experts attended the project’s final meeting which came after 30 months, the duration of the project. The meeting's agenda primarily included presentations and discussions on activities accomplished by partners.
   Dushanbè, August 2009: Disseminatio Event in Tajikistan  

SODESCO, the Tajik partner of Authentico project, organized a dissemination event  at the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan on 24 -25 August.
The event was opened by the Director of A. Donish Research Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnolgraphy of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Prof. Masov Rahim Masovich and by Dr. Ilkhom Mirsaidov, manager at SODESCO.

A dedicated book has been published for the event and distributed to the attending participants; copies were presented to the European Commission, Directorate Research and to AUTHENTICO Consortium. A CD was also distributed, including soft copy of the book and of all presentations illustrated during the event.

Visits to the National Museum and to the Ethnographic Museums were organized as well for the attending participants.

The event was reported on the Tajik national television, national press, BBC, the Commonwealth of Independent States (i.e. in 12 countries of Former Soviet Union), and separately in whole Central Asian countries, on-line web information for Tajikistan ( and ) and on the Central Asia website ( 

A large video panel, placed in Dushanbè major central square, advertised the event on the day preceding and during the event.

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